How One Louisville SEO Company Helped me Teach Thousands about Survival

As a serious disaster prepper and survival instructor it’s been my main focus to not only ensure that I’m ready in case something serious happens to our country, but that I can help as many other like-minded people prepare for disaster as well.

That’s why I started blogging and creating online tutorials for preppers around the world. It’s been a pleasure helping the thousands of people that my blog’s impacted over these last few years, and it’s awesome seeing how all of you are making such practical improvements in your lives and moving toward self-sustainability like me.

But none of that would have been possible without help from a skilled Louisville SEO company.

As you know I’m based not far from Louisville and I live off-grid year-round. I understand what it takes to make the land work for me, and how to survive without depending on other people, but I didn’t know how to get my voice heard by other people online—at least not on a large-scale, which is what I wanted for my blog when I started it.

That’s why I turned to QC’s Web Design and SEO to help me out. They modified my website to help it become more search-engine friendly; they improved a whole host of my blog posts with things like keywords, backlinks and tagging; and thy gave me advice for my future content. It was they more than anyone else that helped me become the big successful blogger that I am today.

SEO Growth isn’t Rapid

I’m no expert in SEO, but over these last few years the one thing I know for sure is that it takes time to really start benefitting you in a big way.

When I paid for all those SEO services initially, I was disappointed to say the least. Heck, I even called the company a few times to complain and ask for my money back after checking up on my website over that first month after getting the services and seeing only a mild improvement.

I was sure that I was ripped off, and then it happened. The next month my traffic trended upward notably, the following month after that it went up even more, and traffic just kept building. My cult-following of a website quickly transformed into a household name because of that Louisville SEO service, and I knew that I hadn’t been patient enough.

I owe much of the success of my website to that consulting company, and I still hire out services from them to this day, but the point I want to make is that SEO is a long-term solution that’s worth the investment, but only if you’re patient.

You won’t see your traffic double overnight, but I’m still benefitting from the work a few years later, and I can honestly say that the investment was worth it. I know this isn’t my standard post, I didn’t explain how to create tin-can stove, or show you how to incorporate a solar system into your remote-shelter, but it’s important for people interested in sharing their voice online to know about SEO, and I wanted to share my experience with QC’s Web Design and SEO.